SWARM for Prime

As an enthusiastic artist, I recently had the remarkable opportunity to create key artwork for the movie series Swarm, directed by the talented Janine Nabers and starring the brilliant Dominique Fishback alongside the multi-talented Donald Glover.

Upon receiving the request to create key artwork for Swarm, I was exhilarated but also aware of the immense responsibility bestowed upon me. I wanted to portray the series in a compelling manner that would captivate and entice audiences. To start the creative process, I crafted five diverse sketches, each reflecting a distinct aspect of the series.

With their choice in hand, I set out to transform the selected sketch into a full artwork that would capture the attention and curiosity of the viewers.

After hours of meticulous work and unwavering dedication, the key artwork for Swarm was complete. It was a moment of satisfaction and pride to see the final result—a visual representation of the series that encapsulated its essence and intrigued potential viewers.

Creating the key artwork for Swarm was not only a great experience but also a journey of rediscovering the series. Immersing myself in its world allowed me to understand its intricacies and bring its essence to life on canvas. The final artwork serves as a preview of the series.
I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the visual representation of Swarm and hope that my artwork captures the attention and curiosity of audiences.