Collaboration with HBO for "Lovecraft Country" film series Season 1.

Collaboration with HBO for

Early August 2020 i got contacted by HBO asking me if i would like to collaborate with them for the upcoming film series called Love Craft country. 

I was interested in this project immediately,  because I love working on big project such as films, music Albums etc,.. and because of the cast that consists some of my already favourite black actors like Michael K Williams, Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett. This series was also produced by great producers like Misha Green, Jordan peele and J.J Abrahams.

I go on board and i worked closely with the art director of HBO and i was able to make four artworks for the series in the right time. I made artworks for Episode 1, Episode 4, Episode 8 and 9.

 So thankful to HBO team for this opportunity.You can now find Lovecraft country Season 1on HBO.

Check out my Q&A and article about my experience working on this peroject by HBO  here .